Guide to buying property in France as a foreigner

There are many reasons you might want to buy a property in France: it’s one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, if not the most beautiful, and has the most varied landscape: from magnificent sea views and spectacular countryside for nature lovers to mountains and beaches with surf and sailing for sports fans or just plenty of sand to sunbathe.

"l’Hexagone" has something to offer to everyone - be it a couple planning to retire here, or a family with children moving to France from the United Kingdom or the rest of Europe and even from Asia. You can find a big apartment in luxurious arrondissements around Paris, or a comfy house in the attractive city of Limoges or even just a little village like Benayes, where you can get fresh strawberries and apples from local farmers. You could head for the sunny south coast or Provence, or for the Celtic mists and megaliths of Brittany.

To find the right place, do your homework and prepare a list of requirements for the place, location and surroundings; you’ll definitely win the right deal if you're sure about exactly what you want.

With our Property Buying Guide we want to help you: • to get the overview about France and understand what it is to live in this country • to be informed about property prices in France and their likely trends • to get a sense whether it is a good time to buy property in France • to understand how to buy french property safely • to know all the details of the purchase process - and some are very obscure! • to be ready for all the paper work (France has lots of paperwork) • to know how to get a mortgage if you need one • to find the best deal in the right location • and finally to buy your dream house in France!

Download the French Property Guide directly from this page and you'll always have advice right at hand just when you need it.

France property buying guide

The most complete guide about buying property in France. Get overview about France and understand what it is to live in this country, be informed about property prices in France and their likely trends and find out all the details of the purchase process.

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Where to buy in France?


The Capital of France has always been a hot destination point both for expats and property investors from all over the world. If you're among Paris lovers and want to move to this romantic city, find out the best locations and house prices to be ready before purchase.


Property prices in Nice have been flattened in 2018, and that's the right time to hunt for your dream house in French Riviera which is relatively not expensive in comparison to the neighbors. Check out our advice to find real gems in Nice.


Property prices in Provence differ from city to city and can soar in such places like Gordes, but real bargains are also available, e.g. in Digne les Bains. Wherever you go you'll find an instagrammable view. Check out more in our essential advice.

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